What to Do With Kids on Fuerteventura

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Traveling with kids can be a fun and memorable experience, but it could also mean giving up some things on your itinerary. For parents who want to get into extreme sports and still give their kids the time of their lives, Fuerteventura is the perfect vacation spot!

Fuerteventura is one of seven Canary Islands. Not only is it famous for kite and wind surfing. It’s also quite known as a kid-friendly destination. We’ve rounded up a list of what to do with kids on Fuerteventura so you’d know which places to see and things to do while you’re there.

  1. Hit the road with a 4×4

El Cotillo offers the exciting opportunity for an off-road tour of Fuerteventura. Beginning at Corralejo, a 4×4 will take you across rugged hills through unpaved roads. The tour includes stop-overs at the island’s stunning lagoons where you can either take a dip in the water or enjoy the scenery

  1. Watch the skies for kites and fireworks.

Every year around early November, a kite festival is held by the beach at Dunas de Corralejo National Park. Watch as enthusiasts compete against one another with impressive and colourful kites. Don’t forget to stay behind after winners are announced! The kite show is followed by a fireworks display.

  1. Meet cool animals at the Oasis Park Zoo.

Aside from usual sightings of zebras, elephants, and crocodiles, you might be able to see their babies if you make it in time! Oasis Park Zoo has a breeding programme every year, as well as a birds of prey show held all throughout. One of their best facilities is the viewing platform, which allows visitors to meet giraffes face-to-face.

  1. Have personal encounters with wildlife.Why stop with a trip to a zoo? Fuerteventura has other places where you can get even closer to animals. For instance, you can go horseback riding with Finca Julie along the island’s beautiful coastline, or ride a camel at Corralejo National Park and explore its sand dunes. From Corralejo, you can also take a boat to the nearby Los Lobos Island where hundreds of seals are always ready to socialize with human visitors.
  2. Eat delightful treats at Molino de Antigua.

The quaint village is usually frequented for its picturesque windmills. However, it’s also where you could take the kids for some yummy cakes and ice cream. What makes them special is that they’re made of the island’s specialty Gofio flour, freshly made in Molino de Antigua.

  1. Pretend you’re pirates.

Hop on board Pedra Sartaña, a pirate ship replica that’s built to take on the seas. The fun-filled adventure includes games and activities such as learning to tie knots, fishing, and watching for whales and dolphins from the deck.

  1. Go crazy at Acua Water Park.

Winding water slides and pools are just some of the kid-friendly amenities found in this water park at Corralejo. There’s also a go-kart and miniature golf while waiting to dry under the Canary sun.

  1. Take it to the next level with watersports.

Surely, a quick trip to the water park will leave your kids wanting for more adventures. Thankfully, almost every beach in Fuerteventura has a watersporting facility. Younger kids can have their shot at pedaloes and paddleboarding, while older children can join you for windsurfing.

  1. Unwind at Costa Caleta Beach.

Most families make the mistake of spending their first day at Costa Caleta. Really, it’s better to spend your final days in Fuerteventura relaxing at this calm beach. The waters are gentle enough for simple joys like paddling, and the soft white sand is perfect for sunbathing.

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