Essential Guide to Men’s Fashion Basics


The men’s fashion industry is growing fast. Looking good in what you wear has become a far bigger priority for men in recent years but unfortunately there are still a large number of guys who really don’t know what essential items they should have in their wardrobes.

According to the Telegraph there are a few items of clothing that men shouldn’t be seen dead in. If you want to look casually chic then avoid these fashion faux pas at all costs. Men’s fashion really isn’t that complicated. Here are a few wardrobe essentials that every guy should own.

A good pair of jeans

It almost goes without saying that every guy should own at least one good pair of jeans. They can be dressed up for a smart casual look when you are out on the town or simply worn with a t-shirt for a super relaxed, casual look.

A selection of T-shirts

Another fashion basic that can take you anywhere. However finding the right t-shirt can be trickier than you think. Avoid styles that are too tight or too baggy. To see a selection of FHMs essential tee’s for every man’s wardrobe have a look at this great little blog post.

A pair of chinos
Even more versatile than a pair of jeans, chinos can be worn literally anywhere. Wear them with a button down shirt for a smarter look or with a simple t-shirt to keep it casual. Chinos are usually made from hard wearing material in earthy colours so they will look good with practically everything.

An Oxford button down shirt

This fashion classic should have a place in every man’s wardrobe. The emphasis should be on the fit. A tailored shirt with a wide collar looks best and should flatter practically every body shape.

A couple of button up shirts

Slightly more casual is the button up shirt. Patterns should be bold but not overwhelming. This style of casual shirt is a great way to experiment with colour but don’t choose one that is too garish.

A sweater or two

As the weather gets cooler every guy should have a couple of sweaters to choose from in their wardrobe. They’ll look great whether they are worn over a shirt or a t-shirt. For a more casual look a hoody is a great option but they are definitely only suitable for more laidback activities.

Jackets and coats

You should have at least two different types of outerwear in your wardrobe: a lightweight jacket and a warmer winter coat. These are items which you are going to wear everyday so it is important to choose something durable and weather resistant that still makes you look and feel good.


The ultimate in manliness. A decent pair of boots is an essential wardrobe must-have as they go with everything. Great for the unpredictable weather and protecting your feet, a good pair of boots will last for many years so choose them well and don’t be afraid to splash out.


For the times when you want to be casual, trainers are the way to go. Avoid garish colours and go for a timeless style such as Converse and you can be sure they will look great with every casual outfit you own.

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